PAMA Members Featured in Recent Publications:

Glen Raven names Leib Oehmig chief operating officer

Selling shade solutions, energy savings, and software for design and manufacture of awnings and shade products are all part of the discussion in the “Shade Global Cooling,” section of Specialty Fabrics Review, January 2013:
-- “Increase Selling Value With Shading Solutions”
-- “Choice Shade Solution”
-- "Making Sense of Shade Software"

These articles feature many PAMA members including Joe Belli, Eide Industries; Jeff Bedard, Sunesta Products, LLC; Jackie Beales, Custom Awning Inc.; Carol Kleinert, Traverse Bay Canvas Inc.; John Dicks, Awnex Inc.; Pete Weingartner, CPP, Queen City Awning; Ed Keogh, Futureguard Building Products Inc.; Jerry Grimaud, Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures, Inc.; Andy Morse, IFM, Ohio Awning and Manufacturing Co. and Reed Awning Co.; Sunsetter; Jerry Makos, Lehrman & Lehrman; Mark Stiver, Tri Vantage; and Roy Chism, The Chism Co.

PAMA member, Pete Weingartner, Queen City Awning, is quoted in “Flexible Arrangement –Efficient production means choosing (and changing) the best equipment configurations,” Specialty Fabrics Review, July 2013

PAMA’s LEED Analysis Project which defines how fabric awnings, canopies and solar shades qualify for points toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building certification, and PAMA’s Awning Energy Study animated video in Times Square are highlighted in the Insider’s column, Specialty Fabrics Review, July 2013, page 70

PAMA member Safety Components provided fabric for an outdoor sculpture “Yarn reaches new artistic heights,” Specialty Specialty Fabrics Review, June 2013

PAMA members Michele Quadri, Al’s Awning Shop and Eric, Aaron and Daryl Hunzinger, Evanston Awning discuss company transition in “Succession planning is weighty matter for business owners,” Specialty Fabrics Review, June 2013

Mark Biezrzycki, Omnimark Awnings talks about his business in “Canadian success story,” Specialty Fabrics Review, June 2013, p. 69

PAMA member, Kevin Kelly, MFC, IFM, CPP, Globe Canvas Products Co., explains how process improvement has led to increased profit in “Process to Profit,” Specialty Fabrics Review, January 2013

PAMA member, Miami Awning’s new restaurant canopy with “rhythmic visual cadence” appears in “That Latin Beat A Cuban café in Florida brings rhythm to the streets, under shade,” Fabric Architecture magazine, November/December 2012.

PAMA member, Jaime Mills, Wm. J. Mills & Com., is featured in “Backbone of the Business,” which focuses on his multi-generational family business, Specialty Fabrics Review, November 2012.

PAMA member, Rainier Industries is featured in “Wrapping Up the Olympics,” for its production of fabric panels that wrapped London’s Olympic Stadium, Specialty Fabrics Review, November 2012.

PAMA Launches Awareness Campaign for 50-city Energy Study showing AwningsSignificantly Reduce Cooling Costs
According to data analysis, in a hot year, awnings can reduce annual cooling energy by more than 52%, compared to homes with completely unshaded windows. This can amount to as much $200 or more in energy savings.
Complete data and analysis will be released later this summer.
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New Webinar Sessions Available to Members
“Value-Added Selling and New Technologies” awning workshop at Northeast Canvas Products Association Convention 2012. Visit Education page in Members Only Section to access. Non-members can purchase access to the webinars through the IFAI Bookstore.

Want more visibility on the Web?
PAMA now offers website sponsorships for both fabricator and supplier members. The sponsorships will help maintain ongoing social media outreach and enhancements to the Awning Info website. There are several levels of sponsorship for fabricators and suppliers. Become a sponsor today! Contact PAMA Managing Director, Michelle Sahlin +1 651 225 6948 for more information.

Thank you to the following AwningInfo.com sponsors:
Canvas Craft Inc.
Horizon Awning LLC
Somfy Controls
TCT&A Industries
Wm. J. Mills Co.

MFC and IFM Professional Certification Now Accepting Applications

PAMA is pleased to announce that the newly-revised awning Master Fabric Craftsman (MFC) specialty and International Fabric Manager (IFM) programs are accepting applications. Those interested in the awning MFC will find detailed information on the four areas of knowledge and a list of study documents on this website. The page also includes links to IFAI's Professional Certification Overview, electronic forms and project submittal page. For an overview of the certification process visit the IFAI Certification Page. If you plan to be certified in the next two years complete and submit the "Intent to Apply" form and you will be assigned a mentor. If you are interested in certification contact Michelle Sahlin, PAMA Managing Director, mesahlin@ifai.com or +1 651 225 6948.

PAMA is featured on resource for window attachments: windowattachments.org. The site was developed by BuildingGreen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (LBNL), and the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) to help building professionals and homeowners fairly and intelligently assess their window attachment options and select the one or ones that best suit their priorities for improving how their windows work. The site currently has 9 different fact sheets on window attachments as well as forums to get additional information or even situation-specific advice. PAMA is the first resource listed under Products.

www.windowattachments.org resource:
What Should I Do With My Windows?

Working withLawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) and the US Department of Energy (DOE), BuildingGreen has launched a new web resource on window attachments. You know, all those things you can do to make your windows perform better: shades, shutters, blinds, storm windows, awnings, films, etc.

It is not easy to decide which of these window treatments you need. And in an older home, where window replacement is yet another option, choosing the best window retrofit gets even harder. This new website has a series of fact sheets that allow fair assessment of just how well each of the attachment options perform on energy, daylighting, privacy, security, durability, flexibility, cost, etc.

And if the fact sheets lead to questions, no problem. Just post your question or comment to one of the new window attachment forums, and you will get answers from a Building Green or LBNL building professional, as well as anyone else using the forums to learn more about window attachments.

Awning Market Report from IFAI Market Research
Seeing light in the shade industry – by Jeff Rasmussen

As part of the launch of the new animated video highlighting the energy-saving benefits of awnings on homes, our recent media release got prominent display on the PR Newswire Video board. Read the release.


As part of IFAI’s 100 Year Anniversary, PAMA will be highlighting member companies that have been in business 100 years or more. An impressive number of PAMA members replied to the recent Ask Your Peers request.

If your company is 100 years old or more, please contact PAMA Managing Director Michelle Sahlin to arrange sending your company story. PAMA has posted stories of these long-timers on as they have become available.

Click to see more about PAMA's 100-year-old member companies.


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