1840       Evanston Awning (G.B. Carpenter & Company), Evanston, IL
1844       Marygrove Ohio (Wilcox Awning of Toledo), Toledo, OH
1853       John Boyle & Co. Inc.,-- Now Tri Vantage LLC.
1855       Coye's Canvas & Awnings, Grand Rapids, MI
1861       Hudson Awning Co., Bayonne, NJ
1865       Ohio Awning & Mfg. Co., Cleveland, OH
1866       Pease Awning, East Providence, RI
1870       Baker-Lockwood Western Awning, Grandview, MO
1876       Wm. J. Mills & Co., Greenport, NY
1876       The Astrup Company - Now Tri Vantage LLC.
1877       Engineered Textile Products, Mobile, AL
1877       Glawe Awnings & Tents, Fairborn, OH
1877       Queen City Awning, Cincinnati, OH
1880       Glen Raven, Glen Raven, NC
1880       Sunair Awnings & Screens, Jessup, MD
1881       Pike's Awning, Woodbridge, Ontario
1888       Atlantic Awning, Melrose, MA
1888       Goodwin-Cole, Inc., Sacramento, CA
1891       Pike Awning Co., Portland OR
1892       Anchor Industries, Evansville, IN
1893       Peoria Tent & Awning, Peoria, IL
1896       Rainier Industries, Seattle, WA
1898       Awnings by Bigley and Hogshire, Newport News, VA
1899       The Godske Co., Racine, WI 
1901       Kansas City Tent & Awning, Kansas City, MO
1902       Ponca Products, Wichita, KS
1903       Chilson's Shops, Easthampton, MA
1903       Out West Awning Co., Colorado Springs, CO
1910       Phoenix Tent & Awning, Phoenix, AZ
1911       Memphis Delta Tent & Awning, Memphis, TN
2013       South Akron Awning, South Akron Ohio will be 100 next year

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Glawe Awnings & Tents, Fairborn, Ohio

Charles Glawe opened his shop in Cincinnati in 1877. One month later he moved the company to Dayton, Ohio, where he made awnings, tents, horse blankets and covered wagon covers. In its long history, Glawe has had only three owners, each an employee of the previous owner.

William Huesman, who worked for Charles Glawe, was the second owner. The current owner, Vern Schaefer, began working for Huesman, his uncle, in 1945 while still in high school. When Huesman died in 1959, Schaefer and his brother, Paul, bought the company. Paul then moved to Phoenix where he owns the Apache Awning Co.

Vern Schaefer served as IFAI’s president (the position is now call Chairman of the Board) in 1980-81. Tom Fridley, a Glawe vice president, served as second vice chairman of IFAI. Vern’s daughter, Kathy, is another company vice president.

Among the many customers served by Glawe Mfg. over the last 118 years, the most famous are the Wright Brothers, inventors of powered flight. When Orville and Wilbur traveled to Kittyhawk, they took along two Glawe-manufactured tents. The Wright Brothers also purchased Glawe awnings for their bicycle shop and the family home.