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ABOUT PAMA - The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA), a division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), is the only international trade association committed to the awning industry. PAMA membership is open to companies who are current members of IFAI and manufacture or sell awnings, as well as those who supply goods/services to the awning industry

PAMA Boasts 100-year History
As part of IFAI’s 100 Year Anniversary, PAMA is highlighting member companies that have been in business 100 years or more. An impressive number of PAMA members replied to a recent request to share their story. See which PAMA members have hit the century mark.

FACTS ABOUT FABRIC AWNINGS Benefits, types of awnings, stylish home upgrades and more. Answers to frequently asked questions about awnings. (.doc)

ENERGY SAVINGS IN 2012 PAMA funded a new energy studies covering 50 cities across the U.S.. This study found that awnings and external roller shades can provide significant savings on cooling costs to homeowners. Further information about the study and its findings are available here.

EXPAND AND ENHANCE OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE Many home owners realize that a fixed fabric awning or canopy creates an elegant, upscale outdoor living room; perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with the family.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN SOLUTIONS Fabric awnings and canopies add style, functionality and sustainability to landscapes. Fabric awnings and canopies can help offset the consequences of millions of trees lost or removed due to infestation. Additionally, healing gardens are emerging as fundamental to a more holistic healthcare approach. One vital element is shade and designers are beginning to recognize the year-round benefits that fabric shade structures provide in effective therapeutic landscapes

COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS Fabric awnings and canopies play a vital role in commercial spaces as the perfect answer for branding opportunities, energy savings, landscaping solutions and expanded outdoor areas.


NEWS RELEASES – Covering the latest about awnings and extending outdoor living, PAMA is a hub for awning industry news and trends.

- New Video Provides Easy-to-Understand Look at Energy Advantages of Fabric Awnings and Solar Shades

- New Data Shows that Fabric Awnings and Exterior Shades Can Help Homeowners Reduce Cooling Costs by More than 50%

- Record Heat Nationwide Causes Homeowners to Seek Energy Saving Means to Stay Cool

- New Energy Study: Awnings and Exterior Shades Reduce Cooling Costs
by More than 52%

- Electronic Awning and Canopy Fabric Selection Tool Launch

- Business Building Webinars for Awning Industry Now Available

- Homeowners Add Environmentally Friendly "Saving Energy" to New Year's Resolutions in 2012

- Awnings manufacturers project a serving of economic recovery

- Fabric awnings provide flexible, affordable solutions for hospitals and care facilities

- Fabric awnings help build commercial success

- Fabric awnings help build restaurant success

- High-Tech Awning Controls Help Homeowners Optimize Benefits

- Glencoe, IL Homeowners Add Awnings to Save Cooling Costs

- Study Proves Awnings Can Save on Energy Costs for Homeowners

- Online resource helps landscapers and homeowners create staycation retreats with fabric awnings.

- Video offers safety tips for pets exposed to sun and heat

- Awnings provide shade while new trees grow

AWNING IMAGES From window awnings to retractable patio awnings, these coverings come in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics to make each home truly unique. Images featuring the awning installation process.


WEB SITE – PAMA maintains a robust information-oriented Web site, which educates consumers, building professionals and association members about awnings and awning benefits.

MEMBER LOCATOR – The Awningsinfo Web site makes it easy to find an awning manufacturer in each state, giving you the ability to localize an awning or trend-related story.

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